DS8 Swift

World Class Lampless Projector
With Hybrid Android System

DS8 Swift May Be Small

but it transforms your viewing experience  with a 300inch projection. And it isn’t just the imagery that’s huge. DS8 has a multitude of connectivity features, making it easy to share any kind of media for any kind of situation. Either connected it wirelessly, or with HDMI and USB, DS8 making it easy to view and share any kind of entertainment, powerpoint presentation and even numbers on excel.

Elegant Champagne


Color brings out its class; suitable for formal and informal occasions. Fret not, for DS8’s special coating protects it from scratches and fingerprints.

Screen Mirroring Made Easy

No more waiting, no more apps set up! DS8 Swift projector saves you the hassle of downloading unnecessary apps. It is ready out of the box.

Cast everything into a big screen


With HDMI, you can connect to your laptop, PC or even your TV for seamless video transmission. The USB port allows you to access your documents in your memory stick conveniently. Hence, Screen mirroring / Air Play / SmartView / MiraCast you can wirelessly mirror what’s showing on your  device to DS8 Swift.

Advance Android Wireless Sharing


Worry-free about version of your Android smartphone / tablet support, DS8 Swift compatible with all version Android even without Type-C cable, HDMI cable, and Micro-USB cable. Thus, be minimalism and simple.


Duplicate your Windows Notebook or your Macbook screen wirelessly onto DS8 Swift
without any additional device.

HDMI and Audio Bluetooth


DS8 Swift unlike any others, worry-free when HDMI source audio connection with Bluetooth devices. Working just fine in DS8 Swift.

Simple And Easy To Use

No user manual needed, it is as simple as using your smart phone. Big Screen packed needless to say, WIFI is for accessing internet, Bluetooth is for wireless audio streaming to your favourite bluetooth speakers. Not forgetting the commonly use apps such Powerpoint, excel, YoutubeHD, NetflixHD and many more …

Multi-support functionality

DS8 Swift virtually connected with any productivity input.


HD1080P / 2K / UHD 4K

The resolution that we know on PC is different. It can be hardware or software resolution. WYSIWYG

30,000.00 Color Lux

Other than the normal white brightness, color is also important, follow by black brightness. WYSIWYG

Enchanded Display ratio 16:10

16:9 ratio in TV cause over flattening of images. 16:10 is introduced to bring back what we see as natural and true.

10" to 300" Cinematic Screen

Size does matter but not always. No one like sit at the front row of the cinema right?

100% Image Offset

To be truly portable, just place on any surface WITHOUT tripod and it will show full screen

Real Full 3D

No additional 3D box required. It just play by itself with auto 3D sensing. How about a roller coaster ride? 

Enhanced Purity In Full Colors


Brightness are sought by many but too much will be same as a photo with over exposure. With 90%+ NTSC ,  DS8 Swift generate accurate and natural colors suited for all human eyes.  

See The Magnificent Even In Dimness


Details lost in the Cinema when watching dark movie are recovered in DS8 Swift Night HDR, promising clear details that were not notice before.

Active Shutter 3D Display


DS8 Swift bring you a stunning 3D experience with the use of active 3D shutter glasses. Furthermore,  the active shutter 3D effect views with no pixel loss.

Carries balanced RGB color


Ever experience seeing blue tint lines or omni-shape spot image? Innovative LED with balance RGB wheel color this resolved in DS8 Swift promising vibrance and color shade details performance.

Experience full theater without boundaries


Irritating white square border surrounding the Cinema when watching dark movie are solved in DS8 Swift brightness control , promising full width clear & crip details.


Palm Size

Say good bye to dinosaur projectors. Be up to the trend with small and powerful 

Built-in Internal Battery

Hook up to adhoc meeting or a marriage proposal anywhere anytime

Surface Touch Pad

Use it like a pro same as your phone screen without remote control

Fingerprint free materials

Sometime we just hate to use mouse that are shared. And the more we clean, the more undesirable it become.

Ultra Nano power adaptor

Lets imagine our smart phone has a charger as large as our phone. No way! Fear not, our nano charger is only the size of a lipstick

Auto Shape Adjustment

This feature is very convenient when you need to project higher but it will lose the clarity. It applies to all other made of projectors


AI overide Autofocus

How irritating when it be to keep auto focusing. This can be overide by us. Believe in your eyes and take control.

Zoom Advanced

Is for little refinement due to environment limitation. To perform at its best and sharp, avoid using this feature, same applies to other made.

Tripod Free Operation

Projector that required a tripod is not truely portable. It shows flaw hence need a tripod to compensate. Will you want an extra load?

Security Lock

This is improvised after customer feedback worry of theft as DS8 Swift is small and an eye candy.

Instant Power on/off

The old days of waiting for lamp to warm up and slowly wait for colors fade in are in the past . 

No Sharp Corners

With INNOVATIVE 13 yrs of product design. Safety is always in our prority. It reduce impact when on fall and prevents cuts.


Hybrid Mini PC OS

Android is a FREE OS. It come in mobile, TV and custom version. It is just like a mini pc. Can we have them all? Yes!

Cable Free with Bluetooth Audio

No more messy cables. Stream to your favourite speakers or headphone Big sound! Lots of Freedom!

Direct Presentation from USB

Let do it without notebook. Load PPT into your USB drive. Plug and play!

HDMI Apple TV Hookup

Tested and recommended by Apple fans. Highly compatible and works like a breeze.  

Built-in Hi-Fi Youtube Speakers

Built-in music mode convert DS8 Swift into youtube speakers in just 2 clicks. First in the history!

Dual USB/HDMI/MicroSD/RJ45

Two USB is better than one. Connect your mouse to navigate like a PC while another USB to load favourite shows. 



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