World smallest Pico MP4 Lampfree Projector

INNOVATIVE LUMIÈRE mini features a revolutionary new not just compact but the lightest optical engine capable of delivering WYSIWYG at the max resolution: 720P / HD1080P.

Powered by Texas Instruments; DLP Technology, the LUMIÈRE mini employs Vibrant Color LED technology that delivers dazzling color quality with an operating life of up to 15yrs (5 hours per day) and is capable of generating a viewing experience of up to 3 meter wide screen.

This powerful INNOVATIVE LUMIÈRE mini Pocket MP4 MKV projector is the easiest way to connect to most HDMI devices such as notebook and iphone. Hate connecting to devices thru cables, cable free operation by playing MP4 MKV JPG direct from USB Drive and MicroSD Card and all these in the palm of your hand.

Thanks to the built-in lithium-ion battery that lasts for up to 120 minutes, you can instantly share photos, videos, and other multimedia data with your friends and family. This compact projector effortlessly fits in a pocket, purse, or a briefcase. You can now have a home theater anywhere in the house or on the go!

In addition to the fantastic features,we want more hours of fun on the go, the new Lumiere mini is compatible with 5V power bank that easily extend more than 8 hours with a 10,000 mAh capacity.

Environment Projection: Suitable for dark room, semi-dark room

1 x USB Port
1 x Micro SD Card Slot
1 x HDMI 1.1-1.4

1 x 2.1ch Audio Jack

What is in the box?:
HDMI Cable
Lumiere mini Projector
Weight: 0.14kg

Important*:For Airplay screen from iPhone, iPad, macbook, etc, an Apple original Digital Av Adaptor is required as a medium between device, hdmi cable and INNOVATIVE Q5 Projector. For Samsung phone users, only Q4 wireless or K5s Wireless Projector is suitable for screen mirroring/ smart view.


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