World smallest Pico MP4 Lampfree Projector

LUMIÈRE Mini stay in your Pocket

You can carry LUMIÈRE Mini with you anytime, anywhere without any hassles as it weighs only 140 grams with a small pocket-friendly size. It has inbuilt Power Bank, Speaker, and Projector to provide you the ability to watch videos without compromising with your wishes.



Project on the wall or ceiling of your bedroom to watch your favorites show in huge screen.


Literally. Pair LUMIÈRE Mini with your smart gadget. Binge on your favorite apps, Netflix, Youtube, and etc. with HDMI to Type-C cable (Android phones, Macbook), Apple lightning adapter to HDMI (Iphone, Ipad), and even computer.

Multi-support functionality

LUMIÈRE Mini virtually connected with any productivity input.

Simple and Easy to Use

No user manual needed, touchpad  to control on the go . Big Screen packed needless to say, go ahead to play, pause, rewind, fast forward your video anytime. realtime Media player with intuitive and touch-sensitive, you can do anything on LUMIÈRE Mini with one finger.


720P / HD1080P

The resolution that we know on PC is different. It can be hardware or software resolution. WYSIWYG

10,000.00 Color Lux

Other than the normal white brightness, color is also important, follow by black brightness. WYSIWYG

Display Ratio 16:9

The most common aspect ratio for televisions and computer monitors 16:9. International standard format of HDTV, Full HD, non-HD digital and analog widescreen TV ratio.

10" to 100" Cinematic Screen

Size does matter but not always. No one like sit at the front row of the cinema right?

100% Image Offset

To be truly portable, just place on any surface WITHOUT tripod and it will show full screen


Half-Palm Size

Say good bye to dinosaur projectors. Be up to the trend with small and powerful 

Built-in Internal Battery

Hook up to adhoc meeting or a marriage proposal anywhere anytime

Control Touch Pad

Media finger sense touch control with backlights.

Unseen Fingerprint with Metallic Coating

Small top face panel with removable fingerprint material.

Nano Battery

5V rechargable battery for long hours playback without worriying high power consumption. Emergency charger also for your running flat mobile phone.


Instant Power on/off

The old days of waiting for lamp to warm up and slowly wait for colors fade in are in the past . 

No Sharp Corners

With INNOVATIVE 13 yrs of product design. Safety is always in our prority. It reduce impact when on fall and prevents cuts.

Tripod Free Operation

Projector that required a tripod is not truely portable. It shows flaw hence need a tripod to compensate. Will you want an extra load?



Virtually connected with most of the connectors. 

HDMI Apple TV Hookup

Tested and recommended by Apple fans. Highly compatible and works like a breeze.  


 Load movies & images into your USB drive. Plug and play!

Audio Jack

Boost up the volume with your favorite speaker ! Common earpieces jack without distubing your surrounding relative.



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