K4S Wireless

Wireless HD Portable Projector

Wireless, Portable, Powerful

The palm-sized K4S has wireless compatibility with devices like smartphones, tablets, and PCs. This coupled with built-in batteries and speaker, enables you to project you media content anytime, anywhere without any hassles. 

Long Playtime


Enjoy up to 2 hours of playtime without external power source as K4S is equipped with rechargeable batteries. And, the playtime can be further extended to 8 hours with portable power bank!

Limitless Possibility

The hyper versatility of K4S Wireless fulfills usage in any scenario; whether is it for office presentation, a movie during camping, sports game night, the list goes on!

High Compatibility

K4S Wireless virtually connects with any devices via HDMI or wireless screen mirror.

Simple and Clean

K4S Wireless user interface is extremely intuitive. In a matter of minutes, you will master how to navigate K4S Wireless with its touchpad control.


720P / HD1080P

The resolution that we know on PC is different. It can be hardware or software resolution. WYSIWYG

10,000.00 Color Lux

Other than the normal white brightness, color is also important, follow by black brightness. WYSIWYG

Display Ratio 16:9

This is the most common aspect ratio for televisions and computer monitors.

16:9 is the international standard ratio for HDTV, Full HD, non-HD digital and analog widescreen TV.

10" to 100" Cinematic Screen

 Feel as if you are sitting at the front row in the cinema where the screen is too big? Make it smaller then. You have the power to control how big or small you want the screen to be.

100% Image Offset

Obtain full screen display WITHOUT the need to prop up the projector.


Half-Palm Size

Say good bye to dinosaur projectors. Be up to the trend with the small and powerful 

Built-in Internal Battery

Fish out K4S Wireless for impromptu usage anywhere anytime

Control Touch Pad

Touch pad control with backlight that let you control the projector in any environment.

Fingerprint Free

The metallic coating provides protection against smudges from fingerprints.

Nano Battery

5V rechargable battery for long hours playback without worriying high power consumption. Emergency charger also for your running flat mobile phone.


Instant Power on/off

The old days of waiting for lamp to warm up are gone. With LED light source, say goodbye to the lamp heat and ventilation noise too!  

Ergonomic Design

K4S Wireless ergonomic and practical design is nice to hold and reduces impact upon drop.

Tripod Free Operation

Projector that required a tripod is not truely portable. It shows flaw hence need a tripod to compensate. Will you want an extra load?



Virtually compatible with most device input. 

Apple TV Compatible

Can easily be connected to Apple TV with HDMI. Tested and recommended by Apple fans.   


 Load movies & images into your USB drive. Plug and play!

Audio Jack

Boost up the volume with your favorite speaker! you can even connect to your  earpieces so you don’t disturb people around you!

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