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TV vs Dinosaur Lamp Projector

Projectors provide better picture quality and value than any huge TV

Pro TV
They're bright. Far brighter than any projector. As they emit their own light, they'll hold up better in a well-lit room. If your room is all windows, and you're shade/curtain-phobic, stop reading here.

They don't need a separate audio system. If you're using the speakers in your TV, well, I'm not sure why. All TV speakers are awful.

Pro Dinosaur Lamp projector
Not limited to a specific screen size. You can size your screen to your room, and the projector will generally be able to zoom in or out to fit. Want a smaller, brighter screen? No problem. Want a massive wall-size screen? Depending on the projector, no problem.

Price. Per screen inch, projectors are much cheaper than a big TV, even when you include the screen.

Invisible. With little effort, you can make the projector and screen disappear when you're not using them. Try that with a 15kg TV.

Con TV

Limited viewing angle.

Mediocre picture quality.

Con Dinosaur Lamp Projector
Requires separate audio system.

Requires more elaborate and costly installation.

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